About AppleTree


Started in 2006, AppleTree Professional Training is dedicated to providing high quality pre-exam/pre-qualification training and continuing education courses that plant the seeds of success in a student’s chosen field.

Inspired by ‘Johnny Appleseed.’

John Chapman, aka Johnny Appleseed (1774 – 1845), was an orchardist by trade who began practicing his craft as a nurseryman in the area of  PittsburghPennsylvania, on Grant’s Hill in 1794.  The popular image is of Johnny Appleseed spreading apple seeds randomly everywhere he went. In fact, Johnny planted nurseries, not orchards, built fences to protect them from livestock, and left them in the care of a neighbors that either sold trees individually or purchased the entire nursery.

While truly eccentric in his behavior and dress, his knowledge and experience as an orchardist coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit provided opportunity for others around him. and According to his obituary March 22, 1845 in the Fort Wayne Sentinel “notwithstanding his apparent poverty, was reputed to be in good circumstances.”

It was clear that his life had a major and far reaching impact on the area he lived financially.

Like Johnny, AppleTree Professional Training is a company dedicated to providing high quality pre exam/prequalification training that plant the seeds of success in the students newly chosen field and our continuing education courses are designed to keep the professional at the cutting edge.

What’s our mission?  It’s YOU of course!

AppleTree Professional Training is committed to providing comprehensive educational opportunities that support economic development and are relevant and responsive to the needs of its clients and the community. As an organization our focus is on career, general developmental and professional development training as and lifelong learning. AppleTree believes in the practical value of education as a means of economic and personal advancement. We respect our students as individuals and as members of diverse groups and are committed to fostering student success.


AppleTree will achieve its mission through the goals listed below:

  • Our training programs help prepare students for success in their chosen field or business.
  • Developmental education helps students prepare to reach their goals and be successful in the workplace.
  • Workforce training and professional development programs help prepare and support a competitive workforce.
  • Personal enrichment programs provide lifelong learning opportunities.
  • AppleTree programs, activities, and services create a welcoming and inclusive environment that promotes respect for diverse cultures, backgrounds, and points of view.
  • AppleTree will provide an environment that cultivates student learning and success.


AppleTree Professional Training is:

  • A Company focused on educational excellence by engaging students through multiple strategies to attain their educational goals.
  • A Company dedicated to the design, development, and delivery of learning experiences that promote student satisfaction and success.
  • A Company in which communication and work are executed with technology that maximizes results, convenience and service satisfaction.
  • A Company recognized as an educational leader.


AppleTree Professional Training values and supports the collective commitment of its employees to create a consistent and effective student experience. We strive to create an experience that provides students with access, opportunity, excellence, and hope to achieve their dreams through education. We believe that student success is paramount, that open, honest and respectful communication is essential, and that a strong sense of team spirit is the key to “getting it right” for the communities we as educators and students serve.



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